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An outstanding price - for what we believe is the best media cutter in the world!
Special $999.00
Regular Price: $1,299.00


Don't buy it because it is the only media cutter made in the United States,

buy it because it is the best media cutter...

Onyx 90 American gif   Simply American 


Onyx 90


Introducing the framingsupplies FS 1500 underpinner

FS 1500


The FS 1500 underpinner at an unbelievable low price.  $3495.00

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FS1500_3's new underpinner...the FS 1500.  The v-nails can span 5.5 inches.

Operates on low voltage and compressed air.




Introducing the framingsupplies FS 1000 underpinner

FS 1000 Underpinner


Special Price of $995.00

The FS 1000 is a well made, solid, pneumatic underpinner.


FS 1000 joiner


Onyx MC mat cutter


Onyx MC dual beam mat cutter is coming.




Onyx MC dual beam mat cutter is both a table top and wall mount production mat cutter.


Onyx Mc Vertical Mat cutter




Onyx 90 American gif      Simply American

Features of the new Onyx MC mat cutter

1. Ergonomic design - NO Hand Fatigue- use the palm of your hand. The Onyx MC has tremendous mechanical advantage. No more white finger fatigue

2. Precision cutting is a breeze

3. Can be used as a wall mounted mat cutter or a table top mat cutter

4. Made and designed in the good old USA

5. Made of aluminum and stainless steel

6. Large gusset plate for plenty of work area. The gusset plate holds the accuracy of the squaring arm

7. Dual beam cart gets rid of those pesky "hooked corners"

8. UHMW (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) bearings

9. Easy to use straight cutter for easy sizing of your mat boards, foam boards

10. All production stops and squaring arms are included

11. Stainless steel mounting brackets

12. Rack and pinion hold down arm

13 Self centering left squaring arm

14. No rotational knife blade movement - due to dual beam design

15 Large stainless steel gusset ensures accurate board sizing

16. The blade does not rotate into the mat board - it is inserted Tangential blade insertion - the same as computerized mat cutters.


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