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V-Nail Sale

Save up to 33-50% off PPFE Brand V-Nails!!!

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Inmes IM-300PL Double Miter Saw

Inmes double miter saw regular great price of $11,210, now for a limited time. 


For more information on this fantastic bargain click here!

This machine is truly a price break through.  At a normal price of $11,210, there is nothing that comes close to this precision machine! 


PPFE 1000 Underpinner

PPFE 1000 Underpinner

PPFE 1000 inventory

A well made, solid, pneumatic underpinner.

Special Price: $1,250.00

Regular Price: $1,550.00

PPFE 1500 Underpinner

PPFE 1500 Underpinner


The PPFE 1500 is an easy-to-use underpinner with double hydraulic vertical clamps and a horizontal clamp.

The PPFE 1500 is an excellent underpinner at an unbelievable low price.


ATG tape

New Product!

American Made ATG Tape

General Purpose

available in:

$1.69 per roll
$1.99 per roll

Compare to 3M 924

High Tack

available in:

$4.85 per roll

Compare to 3M 969

Onyx 90 Wall Mounted Media CutterOnyx 90

An outstanding price for what we believe is the best media cutter in the world!

The Onyx 90 is a wall mounted media cutter.  It is a glass cutter, cardboard (mat board and foam board too!) cutter and acrylic and plastic cutter.



Regular Price: $1,699.00

Don't buy it because it is the only media cutter made in the United States, buy it because it is the best media cutter...

Onyx 90 ... Simply American

Inmes IM5PInmes underpinner


framingsupplies price: $3,395.00

Change the v-nail sizes with a turn of a lever - 5,7,10,12,15.

Comes with both mechanical and hydraulic vertical clamps.

Comes with heavy duty tilting stand.

Horizontal clamp holds frames up to 6 inch wide!

Support wings are available as an optional accessory  Comes with.

Pneumatic regulated control of horizontal clamp

Comes with main air regulator and system oiler.

1 year warranty.

AMP U-300P
Formerly called VN4L
AMP underpinner
List Price: $4,995.00
framingsupplies Price: $4,745.25
The U-300P is a bench top frame assembly machine designed for small production runs.  This machine can precisely stack v-nails into the same corner positions frame after frame.  After the framer sets the stops (up to 3 nail positions per corner), the v-nails are then driven at the correct positions along the frame joint by simply touching the hand lever and stepping on the foot pedal.

Features of the U-300P:

Operates with only air, no electricity required

Adjustable hold down for driving into all types of wood molding easily

Easy adjustment of air pressure to compensate for hardness of wood

Soft clamp pneumatics for tight, damage free joints

Pneumatic loader eliminates v-nail jams

Dual actuation functions for positioning and inserting v-nails

7mm, 10mm and 12mm nail heads included - 5mm and 15mm available as optional accessories


Inmes Single miter saw

List price $3,995.00

framingsupplies price  $2,395.00

A highly precise miter saw with a rotating table, for cutting wood or aluminum moldings.  The Inmes IM-30 MP comes with all the features included.  Right and support arm, pneumatic material clamping system, base cabinet with dust collector, molding stop, quick adjust rotating table.  Cutting capacity 3 1/8 inch high by 4 1/8" wide.

Amana Saw Blades

Picture Frame Saw Blades

Triple-chip grind  (TCG) blades for cutting non-ferrous metals (aluminum) and hard woods.

Specially designed carbide and blade geometry for cutting relatively thin-walled aluminum and non-ferrous extrusions and wood frames.

Picture frame saw blades number of teeth

Arguably the best mat cutter in the world, and it is made in the USA.

Logan 850 Platinum Edge Mat Cutter

List Price: $1,455.95

framingsupplies Price: $844.45

From the fine family of Logan product comes the new Logan 850 Platinum Edge Mat Cutter.  It is a professional mat cutting system with aluminum base, It Comes With Magnetic Production Stops, 32" removable squaring arm, plus dual straight and bevel cutting heads.

Magnetic Production Stops - Included with the mat cutter

32" removable squaring arm - included with the mat cutter 

Logan mat cutter 850Talk about performance! The NEW Logan Platinum Edge Model 850 Mat Cutter has it all! Starting with the aluminum anodized base, this cutter is solid from the ground floor.

Also consider the fletcher 2200 made in China

Logan Framer's Edge Elite Mat Cutter - 40" - LOG-650-1

List Price: $962.95      framingsupplies Price: $481.48 Limited time Sale.

Logan mat cutter


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