Acrylic Glazing for Framing

Now carrying 99% UV Blocking Plexiglas® Perfexion™ UF-5 acrylic sheets!

Why choose acrylic for your framing needs?

  • Acrylic weighs 50% less than glass.
  • You can ship artwork less expensively with minimal risk of breakage.
  • Acrylic is stronger than glass.
  • Acrylic is perfect for schools, day care centers, hospitals or doctor's offices - anywhere safety is paramount!

But, not all acrylic is created equal!

So, why choose Plexiglas® Perfexion™ UF-5?

It has all of the above features, plus:

  • Clarity of conservation glazing
  • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays from both natural and artificial light sources
  • Far less expensive than glass with similar features - conservation glass
  • UV protection is in the acrylic itself - not a coating on the outside like UV protected glass
  • Made in the USA

Click here for more information about this product from the manufacturer, Arkema.

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