7" Cast Iron Miter Vise

  • Model: GL-64-7


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These 7" Cast Iron Miter Vises make a great addition to your frame shop or workshop.  They can be tilted, rotated and locked into the most convenient position for your use.

These miter vises may have cosmetic flaws such as chips or scratches but this does not affect their functionality.  The back jaws of the vises are machined to exactly 45° from each other making sure that your frame makes a perfect 90° corner.  When the front jaws are tightened on these vises, one side of the jaw may tighten before the other.  This also has no affect on their functionality.

An excellent value at a closeout price of $29.95 or 4 for $100.00!!!

No longer available - consider our 4" Miter Vise instead

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