Fletcher 3100 Multi-Material Cutter

  • Model: FL-04-715


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Fletcher 3100 63" Cutting Capacity

Includes 10 steel wheels, 10 plastic cutting blades, 10 mat cutting blades, instruction manual, video and mounting hardware. 

Will cut hardboard, Gator board, foam board, mat board, and score glass and plastic.

When purchasing any of these cutters don't forget to buy extra blades.  The cutters come with some blades (usually 5),  however, now is the time to buy them because framingsupplies.com always has the right price and they will be packaged with your order ~ saving you additional shipping cost.

Pillar Post

Easy to Install Interchangeable Pillar Posts

Four separate pillar posts are included with this machine.  Each can be quickly installed.  The cutting blade or wheel is easily replaced on the pillar post when worn.


Gator Board

Pillar post for cutting Gatorboard, foam board, or mat board up to 1/2" (12mm) thick.  

Ten Fletcher utility blades are included with the machine.

Glass Blade

The pillar post for scoring glass uses a Fletcher 120 degree hardened tool steel wheel in a unit which can be readily removed and replaced when worn.  Glass up to 1/4" (6mm) thick can be scored and broken out on the Fletcher 3100.

Ten replacement wheels are included with the machine.

This pillar post is used for scoring acrylic plastics and other similar "fracture" sensitive materials.  Such materials up to 1/4" (6mm) thick can be scored and broken out on the Fletcher 3100.

Ten replacement blades are included with the machine.


The pillar post for cutting hardboard, untempered masonite, up to 3/32" thick (3mm) thick uses two razor sharp tool steel wheels that cut from the front and the back simultaneously.  

One set of wheels is included with the machine.  

Aluminum Cutter

The pillar post for cutting aluminum sheets up to 0.40" thick is an optional feature of the machine.  Like the hardboard cutter, it utilizes two sharpened tool steel wheels that cut from both the front and the back at the same time.

The pillar post for cutting PVC up to 1/4" thick is an optional feature of the machine.




  • Minimal assembly and mounts easily to the wall to save space.
  • The cutting head assembly glides along chrome plated steel tubes on composite sleeve bearings that reduce friction and produce smooth, accurate scoring and cutting.
  • Break out plastic right on the machine, all in one operation, using the Fletcher patented break-out feature.
  • Full-length, non-slip clamp firmly holds material being cut. 
  • Cutting capacity of 63" (1600 mm).
  • Left and right side supports assure squareness and accuracy.  Scales permit setting the dimension on either the left or right side. 
  • The measuring stop included with the machine makes quick work of cutting materials to the same dimension.
  • Instruction Video and Manual included.
  • 1 year Warranty.

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An outstanding price-for what we believe to be the best media cutter in the world!

Regular Price $1,699.00

Special Price $1,395.00


Sample Costs for Fletcher 3100 Motor Freight Charges

To Approximate Motor Freight Cost (Commercial) Approximate Motor Freight Cost (Residential)
Miami, FL $240.76 $293.12
Houston, TX $240.76 $293.12
Denver, CO $240.76 $293.12
Los Angeles, CA $240.76 $293.12


Fletcher 3100 Replacement Blades and Wheels

Stock No. List Price framingsuplies.com Price Description
FL-04-114 $39.00 $35.14

Optional Measuring Stop

One is included with F3100

FL-02-120 $38.00 $36.74

Steel Glass Cutting Wheels

(Pkg of 10)

FL-03-126 $22.95 $17.72

Carbide Glass Cutting Wheel

(Pkg of 1)

FL-05-004 $43.00 $40.69

Utility Blades 

(Pkg of 100)

FL-03-126 $22.95 $17.72

Carbide 124 Degrees Cutting Wheel Unit

(Pkg of 1)

FL-05-712 $34.00 $32.77

APB-12 Plastic Cutting Blades

(Pkg of 10)


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