IM-4P Underpinner

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The Inmes IM-4P

What makes this machine great? 

Glad you asked.  Ease of use.  When joining frames, that is to say placing the v-nails into the back of the frame, it is very important that the frame is supported during the inserting of the v-nail.  If you have ever tried to hammer a nail into a board that is not supported properly you know how difficult it can be - because the wood will try to spring away from the force that is being applied.  With the IM-4P when you move the "joy stick" it positions both the nail driving head (below the wood) and the vertical support clamp (above the wood) at the same time.  This eliminates the necessity of readjusting the vertical clamp every time you place a v-nail in a different location.



Changing the v-nails is easy... you don't have to change driving heads or put in any compensators... just remove the v-nails that are loaded... change the selector to the desired v-nail size and place the new size v-nails in the machine.  PRESTO

Im4P Manual

Change the v-nail sizes with a turn of a lever - 5,7,10,12,15
Comes with heavy duty tilting stand.
Horizontal clamp holds frames up to 5 inch wide!
Optional Support Wings available
The work platform (machine top) is much bigger than other underpinners
Stacks v-nail effortlessly
Large machine leveling screws
Pneumatic regulated control of vertical & horizontal clamps
Comes with main air regulator, water separator, and system oiler
1 year warranty

Inmes Im4P

The IM-4P & framingsupplies is rolling over the competition


The IM-4P comes well packaged in a wooden create.  The IM-4P ships motor freight.  Total weight is less than 130 pounds.


This machine can be operated from the front (in the flat position) or from the back (inclined)



INMES manufactures wedges for its underpinner.  For joining picture frame of woods of medium-hard and hard (Ex. MDF) , in standard sizes. The entire line of INMES wedges for underpinner machines should use original INMES wedges, to guarantee proper functioning and best performance by the wedges.


Optional accessories:

$9.95 Hexagonal

$9.95 Octagonal



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