Please take a moment to read our ordering and shipping pages to ensure that your packages get shipped properly.  Most packages ship within 24 hours.  Orders are processed and packaged based on our "first in - first out" fulfillment system.  Next Day Air and Second Day Air are also subject to our "first in - first out" system.  Please call us with any questions you may have.

Online ordering is available for most items.  However, if there is no add button next to the item you wish to purchase, you will need to phone a real human (1-800-334-9060) who will be happy to assist you with your order.

To place a telephone order you may call us toll-free at 1-800-334-9060 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30am - 5:00pm EST.  You may also fax an order to 1-828-697-2031 or email an order to info@framingsupplies.com.
When ordering, include all information (size, style, finishes, color, item number, etc.).  Please give your full name, daytime phone number and complete delivery address information.  Your delivery address should be one where someone can accept packages during regular working hours.

When possible we will accommodate additions to an existing order.  However, if the first order has already processed we cannot do so.  The addition will stand alone as a new order.

There are a few items that require a minimum order.

  • CHOP FRAME ORDERS - Chop frame orders require a minimum of $25.  All frame orders are considered custom orders and are non-refundable.  They are cut to your specifications as chops.  We do allow for the industry standard (1/8") when cutting chops.  Please check your order request before it is processed to ensure that it is correct!
  • LENGTH MOLDING - When ordering length molding, there is a 50' minimum.  You may order an assortment of different moldings to reach this minimum however, each individual molding also has a 10' minimum.
  • MAT BOARD - Mat board must be ordered in increments of 25 sheets or the equivalent of 25 sheets (see chart below).  We must completely fill the specially designed shipping carton to insure that your mat board arrives to you in the best possible condition.  All 25 sheets do not have to be the same.  Some boards are thicker than others and therefore take up more room.  You may choose different colors and types, even foam board, mounting board and illustration board, as long as the space required is equivalent to 25 sheets.  Please note that mat board and foam board cartons are considered oversized by shipping companies (FedEx, UPS, etc.) and will result in higher shipping charges.
Material Space Equivalent
2 ply Mat Board 0.5 Sheet
4 ply Mat Board 1 Sheet
6 ply Mat Board 1.5 Sheets
8 ply Mat Board 2 Sheets
Double Thick (DT) Sheets 2 Sheets
Triple Thick (TT) Sheets 3 Sheets
1/8" Foam Board Sheets 2.5 Sheets
3/16" Foam Board Sheets 3 Sheets


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