PPFE-1000 Wings & Caddy Combo

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PPFE-1000 Wings & Caddy Combo when purchased with the PPFE-1000


FS 1000 Wings

These stainless steel support wings are an option for the PPFE 1000 underpinner. They are 18" in length and extend the table size and help to support larger frame sections. They bolt onto the PPFE 1000 cabinet with the holes and screws that are on your machine.

The cost of the accessory stainless steel wings and support brackets is $139.95


The stainless steel tool caddy and organizer puts all your drive heads and accessories in one place. It holds 4 drive heads (1 is mounted on the driver) the # 5 ball end allen wrench, the pencil magnet, and the vertical clamp hold down pads. The stainless steel caddy mounts onto the side of the PPFE 1000 using the screw that is already on your machine.

The cost of the accessory stainless steel tool caddy is $39.95.

FS 1000 Wings Stainless Steel


When you purchase the PPFE 1000 with the stainless steel support wings, you will also receive the stainless steel tool caddy at no additional charge.


Support Wings and Tool Caddy both for $139.95 when you purchase them at the same time as the PPFE 1000 underpinner.



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