PPFE 1500 Underpinner

  • Model: PPFE-1500


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Professional Picture Frame Equipment's underpinner, the PPFE 1500. (Formerly the FS 1500)  It is an easy-to-use underpinner with double hydraulic vertical clamps and a horizontal clamp.


The PPFE 1500 is an excellent underpinner at an unbelievable low price.





The PPFE 1500 underpinner comes with double hydraulic vertical hold down clamps and an adjustable horizontal clamp.


The underpinner can be tilted to the operator's preference.  The stand is a large compressed air storage tank.  This acts as a surge tank so when you are using it in production, there is a constant supply of air.

These are an outstanding value and quality machines, however, sometimes the finish is not perfect.

The PPFE 1500 dimensions are 26.5" Deep x 23" Wide x 58" Tall

The PPFE 1500 comes with large stainless steel support wings.  These wings are 30" from the front of the machine to the tip of the wing.



The PPFE 1500 has three regulators: a main air pressure regulator, a v-nail regulator and a clamp regulator.  Additionally, it has an air system oiler and water separator.

Stacking V-Nails

One can place v-nails in as many different positions as one chooses.  To stack the v-nails simply hold the joy stick and push the thumb trigger again.

The v-nails can span 5.5 inches.  The PPFE 1500 operates on low voltage and compressed air.

The PPFE 1500 comes with 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 15mm drive head sleeves and uses both hard and soft v-nails.  The PPFE 1500 uses the same v-nails as its little brother the PPFE 1000.  These v-nails are the most economically priced nails on the market.


The PPFE 1500 comes with a tool caddy.


For further information, please read the PPFE 1500 Owner's manual.


Click here to view the PPFE 1500 Owner's Manual in pdf form.


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