12" Miter Disc Sander



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PPFE 12" Miter Disc Sander

Don't throw your money away on a miter sander of inferior quality, or high prices.  

We are proud to offer the new PPFE 12" Miter Disc Sander.  The perfect addition for any frame shop to "true up" miter cuts making perfect frame joints.

Contains 1 piece of sandpaper, sandpaper cleaning stick and a triangle for ensuring a 45 degree angle.

CLICK HERE for replacement sander paper or 120/180 grit paper for this sander!


Miter Disk SanderThis sander is easy to use and an essential to producing quality picture frames time after time.






Sander Left Side View



This sander can be used on either side of the miter cut and is adjustible for accuracy.



Right Side Sander




The base dimensions are 13.25" Wide x 9" Deep x 5" High




Handle Up




Changing the side of the sander is easy enough to use one hand!



View the Owner's Manual Here


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