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FF-325 Plus Sliding Table Saw

  • Model: FF-325 Plus Sliding Table Saw





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High technology for those familiar with quality. There is no room for mistakes when it comes to producing custom-made furniture.

It is a business that involves design and art; therefore, INMES developed the FF-325 Plus Sliding Table Saw for you.  The cutting solution is here.



An affordable machine for those who do not compromise quality. The FF-325 Plus has the right size for your furniture workshop.





      Sliding Table

With innovative design, the FF-325 Plus has an exclusive digital system, that allows the cutting angle adjustment precisely and quickly. With a load capacity up to 100 kg (220lbs.) evenly distributed, the sliding table measures 375 mm (14.76 inches) of length is built in high technology extruded aluminum and protected by anodizing.  The guides and pulleys are built in tempered and rectified steel, providing more rigidity, precision and durability to the assembly.


The fixed table stop allows an opening up to 1300 mm (51.18 inches), with a quick locking system.  


The fence can be adjusted to avoid contact with the saw blade when cutting at a 45º angle.




Sliding Table Lock


The sliding table has a locking system that allows locking it in any position.



      Auxiliary Table Guide Stop

With scale measuring 1670 mm (65.75 inches) the auxiliary table guide has an easy to adjust stop for repeated cuts.



   Fixation Wedge

The fixation wedge that comes with the machine is used to avoid the undesired return of the pieces when cutting.



     Blade Protection

The saw blade protection allows the operator to visualize the piece while cutting and increases the dust extraction capacity.



     Cutting Angle

The auxiliary table guide allows an accurate and quick adjustment when cutting in angle.



     Cutting Assembly

The cutting assembly of the FF-325 Plus Sliding Table Saw was projected to assure a high quality and precise cut.  With a 5.5 HP motor for the saw blades and a 3/4 HP for the scoring blades, this equipment is perfect for cutting MDF boards and woods in general.



     Digital Indication of Saw Angle

The FF-325 Plus Sliding Table Saw has a digital indication of saw angle with a 0.5 degree precision, assuring cutting accuracy and a quick angle adjustment.





The pusher for small pieces which comes with the machine is used to remove small parts between the saw blade and the fixed table fence.



     Saw Angle Adjustment

On the FF-325 Plus Sliding Table Saw the saw angle adjustment is done at the front of the machine.  More safety and operational speed.



     Saw Height Adjustment


The saw height adjustment is done through a handle positioned on the side of the machine, for easy access.


Click here to download the owner's manual.



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